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150+ Steps? No Problemo.

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

On the east side of Parque Calderon is the first cathedral built in Cuenca, known locally as the Old Cathedral. Because on the opposite side of the Parque sits the bigger, more magnificent New Cathedral, formally the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. This is probably the most photographed building in Cuenca. Building begain in 1885 and lasted for almost 100 years. What's really interesting about it, at least to us, is the mash-up of architectural styles: Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque. For $2, you can climb the steps to a small terrace and take in the view of the domes and turrets and the surrounding city & mountains.

It's actually a pretty easy climb. The height and depth of the steps are consistent, which is good for big footed folk like me. There are a couple of spots where one can step off and rest a bit. At the top, you step out onto a terrace. There are metal risers for you to climb up to see over the top of the high walls. I took a couple of pano shots that don't really do it justice.

More detail shots in this slideshow.

The slideshow below shows the impressive entry doors and inside the church. Gold leaf abounds!

There's a courtyard with restaurants and shops beside the church and behinid the storefronts that face the parque.

After the climbing and oohing and ahhing, we decided we needed ice cream! Got a shot before we devoured. Banana Split and Peach Fantasia!

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