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Next Up: Cuenca, Ecuador

Only 3 more days to get ourselves pulled together for our cat sitting trip to Cuenca. This sit not from one of the platforms we're on. Our friends, Victor and Susan, retired to Cuenca last year and they referred us to a friend of theirs. So Holly will be able to go off on a long trip and we will explore this Unesco world heritage city at our leisure.

Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción - Photo by Fernando Tapia on Unsplash

Getting to Cuenca will be a bit of a slog, so I'm downloading lots of entertainment - ebooks, movies, jigsaw puzzles to work on while listening to podcasts. You get the picture. We're on Southwest to Fort Lauderdale on 21 Dec. A few hours layover in FLL then Jet Blue to Quito, Ecuador, the capital city. That flight arrives at midnight local time and our next flight to Cuenca leaves at 7am. Our Priority Pass (a benefit of our Chase Saphire Reserve card) should get us in to the Layover Stay Lounge at the airport where we may snag one of a dozen lounge chairs for some shuteye. And if that doesn't work, we'll just roll with whatever.


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