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All Over Oliver

Our temporary ward in Cuenca is a 3-year-old cat named Oliver, a.k.a. All Over Oliver or Mr Bizzy Butt. He's jumped into the refrigerator several times. Only once so far did he get locked in the fridge but we heard him banging on the door and cryinng so we let him out. He has no hesitation to jump up on the tiny kitchen counter or flat top stove, even though there may be a hot spot. He'll get under the low-slung furniture but he's terrified of the Swiffer so he'll pop right out when we grab up that thing.

Our casita is in the back of the property, separated from the main building by a lovely patio. There's a gate shutting off Oliver's access to the passage to the front and a door to keep him from the second floor. As long as he's confined to the patio Oliver can go outside, which he demands to do about 5:30 every morning. Good thing my bladder wakes me up about then!

Oliver loves to visit Robert, who's kitchen windows open onto the patio. Robert is allergic to cats but he will let Oliver in for a few minutes. When he's not receiving visitors, Roberts window is closed and his shade is down, but that doesn't keep Oliver from asking to come in.

It's hostel-like here. Most of the residents are English-speaking expats or travelers. We all meet on the patio on Sunday mornings for a pot-luck breakfast. Rimon, who is Jewish and keeps kosher, usually brings the main dish. Robert brings bagels & cream cheese. We're supplying fruit and coffee and Anna adds cucmbers or tomatoes. It's a nice way to get to know everyone.

Despite his antics, Oliver is sweet and funny. We discovered that he likes to sleep under this small blanket, so we keep the Cat Cave at the ready for naps, or when there's thunder. When he's feeling social, he's a real people person, cuddling up to one of us or hanging nearby.

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