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Amaru Bioparque

We've been to many zoos in our time but never anything like Amaru Bioparque in Cuenca. Amaru is " an environmental zoological organization that offers a unique experience with the animals and plants that are a part of Ecuador´s natural and cultural richness." It is a place to see all kinds of animals, and get a pretty good workout at the same time. Carved out of many acres of mountainside on the far east side of the city, there are no paved paths. Rather, there are dirt, gravel or wood walkways that are narrow, scarred from rains and populated with rocks, tree roots & trunks and low-hanging branches. There's a lot of ups and a lot of downs, sometimes holding on the rickety wood rails along the side, or a tree. We were there for 3.5 hours with about a 20-minute break for cokes and chips. We took a lot of photos and some videos, but I won't put all of them up here. Just enough to give you a taste, I hope.

paying our $12 entry fee we started up the hill. First stop, the first of two bathrooms, which had flush toilets and this amazing stone sink. We walked a fair bit uphill before seeing any animals.

Just as we arrived at the enclosure for this Tigrillo, it started a mad dash for the chicken that was just chucked into the pit for breakfast.

The apes were a lot of fun to watch. This one would climb this tree and slide down over and over, but sat there for longer than I was willing to wait to slide down.

Not every enclosure had a description of what animal we were looking at and 95% of the text was in Spanish, so there will be no long, drawn out description of most of the critters. We saw a lot more animals than I've added to the slideshow below, but it will give you a taste of Amaru.

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