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At Last: Doors & Street Art of Cuenca

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

We were home for a month before the Stay At Home order for St Louis was issued. My plan to add a couple of post-Ecuador posts didn't happen before that order and after both Mary Lynne and I seem to have entered into a state of semi-stasis. Binged on plenty of our fave British TV shows. I had a birthday. We walked outside when it wasn't raining or 40 degrees.. Today, I vowed to put up my photos of the many interesting doors and bits of street art that made our time in Cuenca just that more interesting. So here's the Slider. (The forward/backward arrows are black and may not always show up but you can move through at the right and left sides about halfway down the shot. The pointy finger will appear if you're in the right place.)

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