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Carry-on Hack

Since switching from a suitcase to a backpack, I've struggled to find an under-seat carry-on that's just right. Because there's the ipad and the kindle and the headphones and the snacks and the travel pillow that may or may not help me sleep. Then I happened upon one of those internet lists of things you probably already know but look at anyway-100 Travel Hacks You Should Know. And I did know most of them. But there, at #59 was a gem. Get a diaper bag!

Brilliant! Diaper bags these days aren't readily identfiable as diaper bags. Like the Ruvalino one I'm carrying below.

It looks pretty good, right? And it's got 7 pockets inside and 6 on the outside. A flat bottom with feet. Short handles and an over-the-shoulder one. It's amazing. This trip to Ecuador is the maiden voyage usage Ruvi and it was grand. Of course, I sometimes had trouble remembering which pocket I put something in, but I didn't have to unload the whole bag to find what I was looking for. And I overstuffed it, so that's a lesson learned. I never finished that list of hacks. I wonder what other gem I missed.

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