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Five Definietly Not Boring Days

Last Sunday the area around Parque Calderon was made a "super block" meaningtraffic was blocked from the surrounding streets. Chalk drawings, game tables and commerical booths were set up and there were bands playing in the parque gazebo. Inside the parque were many cute kid photo ops: on a horse, with a St. Bernard dog, etc.

Monday, we took advantage of 2 for 1 day at Peidre de Agua spa. For $35 we took the full spa circuit of steam room, red mud, blue mud, hot tub, cold tub, box steam bath and swim in the heated pool. For obvious reasons I did not have my phone with me, but has a great overview pic. Monday is also 2 for 1 cocktails, so after all of our steaming and soaking we indulged in mojitos and a light lunch before getting a taxi home.

Tuesday we took a walk to the Church of San Blas. We saw it while at the parque on Sunday and thought it would be a good destination for a walk to get us out of the 'hood a bit.

San Blas is also near a supermarket called Coral, where we picked up some hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes and face masks to have on had when we fly out on Feb 11. Perhaps an abundance of caution, but why take chances with coronavirus?

By Wednesday we were feeling really ambitious so we decided to walk to Mall Del Rio, one of the three shopping malls in Cuenca. The biggest and the furthest away. On our way out the door we ran into Rimon, one of our neighbors here. She wanted to come along and look for something at the really big Coral there. It's about an hour one way so we got to see a lot of different neighborhoods on the way. More affluent & suburban out there. We needed some refreshment once we arrived so we all got a coffee and ML and share a piece of pineapple cake. Rimon didn't find what she was looking for but she did find something else. Then we walked back and by the time we got home we'd coverd 6.3 miles and we were beat! Showers and a nap followed by Sushi at a nearby restaurant and that was that.

Thursday we discovered Oliver using the bathroom lavatory for his bathroom! We knew he had a history of urinary infections, so off we went to the vet. It's only a 10-minute walk away and Oliver went into the carrier with no fuss and made not one meow on the way. The vet, Jose, thankfully had pretty good English. He examned El Gato, asked some questions about his habits and feeding. He gave us some meds and suggested a check up in a month. We paid $13 for the exam and the meds and brought him home.

Finally it's Friday and we're having a quiet day. Whew!

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