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I Can't Go to Lunch

We had a plan to go to Bodhi Burgers, an American-owned hamburger joint, for Friday lunch with one of our neighbors. But last Friday morning ML had a fever, chills, and took to her bed with multiple layers of clothing and covers. Oliver sensed something was and he spent the whole day with her. By Sunday, with some improvement but still not 100%, we consulted with Susan and Victor, who suggested, based on her symptoms, we ask the pharmacy for medicine for a stomach bug. One thing that's true about El Centro. There's at least one and possibly more Farmacias in every block. (Also underewear shops but that's a story for another day.) However, not all Farmacias are open on Sunday. Luckily I found one only 3 blocks away. I had put "I need medicine for a stomach bug" in my Google Translator. The pharmacist gave me a 5-day course of a broad spectrum antibiotic and charged me $4.

I bring this up because there is a Democratic party debate tonight and health care will undoubtedly come up. The spectre of bankruptcy via medical bills is one of the most common reasons Americans leave the USA for retirement. I'm just going to stop there because you don't really want me to bang on about this issue. I'll just say, after 2 days she woke up this morning wanting a hamburger.

Lunch is back on!

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