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Pase del Niño - Christmas Eve Parade

Mary Lynne feels like a Giant!

The house and pet sitting community is a great resource when traveling. A month or so before we left for Ecuador I saw an ad for sitters from a woman in Cuenca. I replied, not to apply for the sit, but to introduce myself and to see if she was interested in a meet up when we were in country. She was and she has been a great source of information. She was the first person to tell us about the Pase de Nino parade on Christmas Eve. “It goes on for hours,” she said. She was right!

We left the apartment around 10am and walked a few blocks to Calle Simon Bolivar, the main parade route toward Parque Calderon. We watched for about two hours. We saw only a few floats, lots of bands, horses, roast pigs on the back of horse, dancers, and dozens of holy families and baby Jesus's.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so I’ll stop gabbing here and let you get on with seeing some snaps. There are a lot in the slider below, but it goes faster than the actual parade.

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