• Linda

Settling In

Monday morning we piled into a taxi and headed to Holly's to drop our bags. Susan, told us that street adresses are not like we're used to. Our location is 13-47 Gran Columbia y Estevez Toral. That's a building number+the street+the cross street. You don't have to use the numbers if you're okay with walking from the corner. Susan printed it on a sticky note and both showed it and said it to the driver, becauses some drivers can't read.

Then we got another taxi to one of the SuperMaxi grocery stores to get some grub. On the way we passed many small eateries displaying roasted or roasting pigs on the sidewalk. Cuy (pronounced coo-ey) is also eaten here. It's guinea pig. We're told it tastes like gamey, greasy chicken. Haha!

The SuperMaxi is big by Ecuadorian standards. Discovering what people in other countries buy at the grocery is fascinating. We didn't get anything unusual, but we sure had fun looking around. Then we took our first taxi ride without Susan. I pulled up the photo on my phone and said it out loud and off we went. It was very busy with lots of stop and go traffic but we got there in about 25 minutes. $3.00.

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