• Linda

She Ate the Whole Thing!

Thanks to rest and antibiotics, Mary Lynne's trip to Bohdi Burgers was a success. We got our basic burger and fries for free because we agreed to fill out a short survey. We added Coca Colas, onion rings (they came as the appetizer) and ranch sauce, which Bohdi recommended we mix with ketchup the make Ranchup, his favorite dipping sauce.

Here's the best think about this burger. It was a quarter pound burger but much thicker than McD's version of same. Also the bun - chewy but not too and no soggy bottom! While the onion rings were a bit overdone, the fries were perfect.

We sat on the small deck that looked out over rooftops and mountains.

As a first outing post-illness, it was enough. A leisurely walk to and from, substantial meal, and home for a nap!

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