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STL to CUE in 24 Hours

We left our condo building at 9am Saturday, December 21 And met our friend, Victor, at the Cuenca airport at 9am Sunday, December 22. Southwest to Fort Lauderdale, where we spent a couple of hours chatting with a couple of Canadian fellas at a bar cafe. Our JetBlue flight to Quito was delayed for 90 minutes, meaning we arrived at 1am. But our Priority Pass, a benefit of our credit card got us free entry to the Layover Stay Lounge and a an hour or so of sleep in a recliner chair, some coffee and eats and we were ready for our 7:30 am Latam flight to Cuenca. Victor, bless him, was there to collect us. Most residents of this city do not own private vehicles, so we piled into a taxi and 15 minutes later we arrive at their apartment building. Cost? $2:00. Victor and Susan have a modern, 3 bed + 2.5 bath apartment. Rent? Less than $800.

After a shower and a nap, we taxied to Holly’s to meet her, Oliver the cat, and have a walkabout in El Centro, which is the old city. Holly, Susan and Victor had an endless stream of recommendations for restaurant, bars, shopping, most of which we won’t remember until we make a list. After Susan accompanies us to a grocery later we’ll be moving to Holly’s to settle in.

Notes on the slider of pics below: [1] Me, Linda, ready for our car to the airport. [2] On the plane, ML is napping and the woman in the window seat is filming our descent into Cuenca. [3] Victor making breakfast. [4] View of the city and the Andes from Susan & V

ictor's dining room.

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