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Sunday Lunch

After a week here, we're settled in, adjusting to what's available, and what's not, in the tiny kitchen and bonding with Oliver. A good way to keep up our walking regimen is to have specific destinations, such as a museum, restaurant, or a grocery. Because we only bring in a few days' of food at a time to, walking to a different grocery is a good way to keep our mileage on track. We tend to eat lunch out and breakfast and dinner in, so lunch followed by grocery shopping keeps the impulse buying in check as well.

Our destination is on the south side of the Rio Tomebamba, one of four rivers that pass through Cuenca. We're going to the Golden Prague restaurant for lunch and then pick up a few things at the Supermaxi grocery that's across the street.

On our way to the river we passed street art and an intersting spiral staircase to nowhere. But there was a small platform at the top of the stairs and we figured it was so someone could see the view.

There might be a rooftop terrace up there. Or not. When we got to the end of the street there was a plaza that looked over the river and the southern part of the city.

The river is below. You can barely see it in the upper left of this photo.

On our way to the staircase that will take us down to the river walk, we spy some roof ridge decorations. Is that Donkey from Shrek?

The Tomebamba is pretty fast-moving through here. We're told that some of the locals do their laundry in this river.

Some people can't resist tagging the retaining walls of the homes and hotels that back up to the river walk.

We're definitely ready for lunch when we get to the restaurant.

We find out that it's 2 for 1 beer all day today. Mary Lynne orders sausages and I order a shrimp, quinoa and hummus salad. The food arrives looking beautiful. Forgot to take a photo of the food before we dove in. So not Instagram worthy but you can tell we liked it, right?

After lunch and shopping we walked home to take our siesta!

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